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Professional Eyelashes Raincoat For Eyelash lasting reinforcement (10ml)

Professional Eyelashes Raincoat For Eyelash lasting reinforcement (10ml)

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  • A gentle formula that is non-irritating, makes false eyelashes not easy to fall off, and is designed for eyelash extension to best care for vulnerable eyelashes.
  • Apply the eyelash raincoat to the grafted false eyelashes to make the false eyelashes last longer.
  • Super adhesion and quick drying, not easy to fall off, more natural and charming, glue can be used to paste false eyelashes and double eyelids, holding eyelash glue all day long, lasting effect.
  • The glue is easy to remove, leaving no residue to damage the eyebrows. Designed for eyelash artists, it has a fast drying time and a drying time of only 2-3 seconds. It has good flexibility and low viscosity.It has good flexibility and low viscosity.
  • Please use eyelash raincoat after the eyelash grafting glue is dry.


  • Capacity: 10ml
  • Quantity:1Pc
  • Package include:1Pc x Fake Lashes Protective Coating Sealant
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